ANNOUNCEMENT: Virtual Zero-Waste Workshop Now Available!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Did your company recently move everything online? Or maybe your team has been remote for some time, but all the recent news has got you and your team feeling a little low?

Do you want to keep morale high for your remote workers while inspiring change?

Well, I am here to offer a *sustainable* solution.

I am bringing my highly popular zero-waste workshop to the internet for companies to offer to their employees for a virtual Lunch & Learn format or an after 'office hours' workshop, whatever works for you and your employees!

Companies can choose from two different styles of the workshop to purchase to meet their budget needs.

  • One option is to have my pre-recorded 45-minute long workshop, with a live Q&A afterward.

  • The second option is more premium. It will also be a 45-minute long workshop, but I will craft the workshop to meet the recycling and composting standards for your county. I will host the live Q&A afterward and additionally send over some key discussion points that happened during the Q&A. This includes pointing out what employees plan to do on a personal level to become more sustainable and what they hope to see at their place of work in terms of sustainability.

The benefit?

Have you wanted your company culture to become more sustainable and have buy-ins from your employees? What better way to help ignite that inspiration than through a workshop? I will go over multiple different ways individuals can reduce their waste in their homes, on the go, and when they are in the office. Ultimately, this will lead to an overall reduction of waste produced at the office and your home.

Are you interested in learning more?

Please reach out to me, Marina McCoy at for pricing information.

Let's work towards a Waste Free Earth, together.

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