I build zero-waste strategies for companies and create sustainability-focused content to further their brand and mission.

Hi! My name is Marina

Sustainability Boss Lady

I am an award-winning, Sustainability Strategist and Founder/CEO of Waste Free Earth.  I have been living zero-waste for the past six years and love sharing my enthusiasm for waste reduction with anyone willing to learn through workshops, speaking engagements, and my social media outlets.  For more than half a decade, I have been building custom sustainable strategies for events and businesses all throughout the United States, helping lower their overall waste consumption and environmental impact.

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My Offerings

  • Zero Waste Strategies

  • Sustainability-Focused Content

  • Blog Writing

  • Brand Ambassador

  • Campaign Spokesperson

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Green Event Planning

  • Sustainability Consulting

  • Workshops and Webinars

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"I believe through knowledgeable and relatable 

zero-waste tips, 

we can collectively

lower our individual impact on the environment.

Let me show you how."

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